Lucien Chanel: who really was Coco Chanel's brother ?

The life of Lucien Albert Chanel – the little brother of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel – hides many mysteries.

Born on Monday 15 April 1889 in Guéret, a small town located in the Creuse (23000), he was the second to last child of Henri Albert Chanel and Jeanne Eugénie Devolle.

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He did not know the elder of the family – Adrien – who died in the year of his birth in 1881.

Gabrielle was born on Monday August 20th 1883.

There are exactly 2065 days difference between the two siblings.

The age difference being only a time difference, the two were relatively close.

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On Sunday, July 18, 1915, he got married to Anaïs Guillaume, in the middle of the First World War.

During his career, he worked as a shoe merchant, while his sister ran a hat store.

Lucien Chanel Coco Chanel
Interview of Gabrielle Chanel. (© Screenshot | INA Stars Channel on YouTube)

He died on Wednesday, March 12, 1941 in Beaumont (63110), in the middle of the Second World War.

He lived 18957 days, or 2708 weeks.

His sister died 30 years later, on Sunday, January 20, 1971.

A name, a brand, that has largely passed into posterity. 

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