Antoinette Chanel: what really happened to Coco Chanel's sister?

Julia Antoinette Chanel is a lady unknown to the general public.

Born on Tuesday, June 14, 1887 in Issoire, in the Puy-de-Dôme (63500), she is known to be the little sister of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

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Daughter of Henri Albert Chanel (1856 – 1909) and Jeanne Eugénie Devolle (1853 – 1895), she did not enjoy the same posterity as the great fashion designer.

However, some YouTube girls now use her name as a pseudonym.

Which proves that she is not totally forgotten either.

In the United States, the designer is an icon who is admired at all times.

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Her designs are universally celebrated by the fashion industry.

Indeed, the handbags of the brand are today sold at a golden price.

Antoinette Chanel Gabrielle Coco Chanel
(© Screenshot | Antoinette Chanel Channel on YouTube)

Unfortunately, she passed away very young at the age of 33.

She died on Monday, May 2, 1921 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Two years earlier she married Oscar Edward Fleming, a rich english businessman.

A tragic epilogue for a love story that was just beginning.

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