5 "La vie est belle" tattoo ideas (and their true meaning)

La vie est belle” is one of the most famous french quotes (ever).

And it literally means “Life is beautiful” – which is an ode to happiness and positivity.

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This is a popular phrase that is often used when everything is going well in your life.

That’s why many people want to get these 4 words tattooed.

And there are many fonts available.

You have to choose the right one to artistically express your “joie de vivre” on a daily basis. 

“La vie est belle” tattoo on the rib

The rib is often considered the place on the body to get a tattoo.

It’s a discreet area where you can express your creativity.

But that doesn’t stop you from showing it off by wearing a crop top…

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On the arm

Most people choose to get a tattoo on their arm.

It’s a pretty good idea, although there are many ways to get those 4 words printed on your skin.

The forearm is probably the best place.

But you can also opt for the biceps.

With one (or many) flower(s)

A flower is the best way to illustrate a quote.

Especially if it is French.

It is therefore important to choose the right species.

Tulip, rose or daisy… It’s up to you to opt for the right one.

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On the hand (or finger)

The hand is (for sure) the best place to show your tattoo to the entire world.

On the thumb or on the index, there are many ways to get tattooed on that area.

The most sophisticated fonts are those that are handwritten.

Feel free to consult the different models online.

On the wrist

Just like you can choose the wrist.

As long as the pattern is as small as possible.

In the video below you will find a compilation of the best tattoos with that specific phrase. 

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