TEST: How Well Do You Know French Royal History?

How much do you know about the Kings and Queens who deeply shaped France’s legacy?

As we all know, there is a before and after July 14, 1789.

Indeed, French revolutionaries overthrew Louis XVI and his wife – Marie Antoinette – and established a Republic.

This did not prevent the monarchy from being re-established three times following the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo.

Which is the proof of the attachment of the French people to the so-called monarchic idea.

If you want to understand the French royalty as a whole, you can take our little quiz below.

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Quiz French Royal History
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Today, visitors can still admire all the palaces built under the French monarchy.

From Versailles to Vaux-le-Vicomte, from Chambord to the Louvres, royal architecture remains a world reference.

Behind all these majestic buildings, there are kings and aristocrats who have driven a great vision.

If you want to test your knowledge on their history, we have prepared a quiz of 10 questions.

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