Alphonse Chanel: who was Coco Chanel's brother?

There are two Adrien Alphonse in the Chanel family.

The first was born on Sunday, September 11, 1881, and died 28 days later. 

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And the second was born on Sunday, March 15, 1883.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born between the two, on Monday August 20, 1883.

They are the sons and daughters of Henri Albert Chanel (1856 – 1909) and Jeanne Eugénie Devolle (1863 – 1895).

They all come from the working classes of French society.

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Ambition has always been the driving force in the life of this fashion designer.

His strength of character allowed him to rise in society – which was underlined in the movie of Anne Fontaine, released in 2009. 

Coco Chanel Movie
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His younger brother has had a more discreet life.

Biographers know too little about him.

We know that he died on Sunday, February 22, 1953.

Unlike his older sister, he had no descendants.

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