Julia Berthe Chanel: the hidden story of Coco Chanel's elder sister

Julia Berthe Chanel is widely known to be Coco Chanel‘s elder sister.

She was born on Saturday, September 9, 1882 in Aubenas, in the Ardèche (07200).

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There is another Julia in the family, and her name is Julia Antoinette Chanel.

She was born on Tuesday, June 14, 1887 in Issoire, in the Puy-de-Dôme (63500).

Julia Pinel – aka Julia Channel – chose this pseudonym to launch her artistic career.

Of Malian and Italian origin, she made a name for herself in charming films before turning to music.

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It is a celebrity who is regularly invited on all the TV sets.

She is also known under the pseudonyms of Lydia Chanel, Julia Show or Giulia Chanel.

Julia Chanel Coco Chanel
Julia Channel’s interview by Thierry Ardisson. (© Ina.fr Screenshot | INA Arditube Channel on YouTube)

The real Julia Chanel – with only one “n” – married Antoine Palasse, and had one son.

Indeed, André Palasse was seen by “Coco” as her own child. 

André Palasse then married Catharina van der Zee, and got one daughter – Gabrielle Palasse.

Julia died very young, at the age of 27 y/o, on Saturday May 1st 1910 in Paris.