5 "Belle âme" tattoo ideas (and their true meaning)

Belle âme” is probably one of the sweetest French expressions (ever).

The exact translation into English could be “beautiful soul” or “beautiful mind“. 

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It is often used to pay tribute to someone’s inner beauty.

The one that cannot be seen with the eyes.

That’s why many francophiles want to get this quote tattooed.

A way to print these two special words on the skin.

“Belle âme” tattoo on the arm

Printing this phrase with ink on your arm is kind a great idea.

It’s a strong reminder on how to act positively on a daily basis.

You can show it to your entourage, and become the ambassador of a unifying message.

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On the neck

The neck is also an excellent location.

Everyone behind you will see that you have a kind soul.

A way to publicly claim your charity.

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On the hand

Most tattoo artists offer to inscribe this message on the hand.

And this is a great initiative.

This way, you can proclaim pubicly your “joie de vivre“.

The finger, if you use a small font, is also a good spot.

On the rib

The rib is probably the most sensual place where to get a tattoo.

If you wear a crop top, everyone will see your design.

These two words could then give you a certain style.

With a beautiful flower

What better than a beautiful flower to illustrate a beautiful soul?

There are several models available.

Daisy, rose or tulip… There is for all the tastes.

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